Storage Auctions May Lead to Bounty, or You May Come Up Bust MODERN TREASURE HUNTING IN THE TREASURE VALLEY Storage Auctions May Lead to Bounty, or You May Come Up Bust By Michelle Ochsner Treasure hunting; Mans journey of discovery with high hopes of striking it rich. The excitement of finding priceless items captivates and allures [...]


Ways to Improve Your Home's Efficiency By Michelle Ochsner Heating and cooling your home can impact your energy cost up to 50 percent.  Here are some tips to help reduce those costs and increase comfort. Upgrading or adding insulation will give your home an adequate thermal barrier that most houses lack, depending on the year [...]


Live better in a clean healthier environment. System Kleen will improve the quality of your life! By Michelle Ochsner Ozone, dust mites, and mold oh my! Did you know that pollutants inside your home are likely twenty times higher than outside? Your family is exposed to more air pollution and toxins indoors than out. Eliminating [...]


Senior Services for Meridian Residences By Michelle Ochsner With the number of seniors increasing in the Meridian area one can’t help but wonder about the support system the community has. Issues such as social, health, and nutrition are a growing concern for many in the area who are approaching their twilight years. The quality of [...]

Proof Eyewear

Local Company, Global Vision “Proof Eyewear Does Good Around The World” By Michelle Ochsner Every so often we come across people so extraordinary, so inspiring that it’s impossible not to tell their story. The Dame family gives the term “pay it forward,” a whole new meaning. Brooks, Tanner, and Taylor Dame launched a business in a [...]