Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom Dancing (Photo credit: Bella March)


Holding me with his strong arms, moving ever so gracefully across the dance floor. Knowing I have his undivided attention, I can feel him leaning in to smell my hair which pleases me.

I miss being held like this. A secure embrace taking the lead, compelling my body to move as he wishes. He’s proud to possess me and ready to prove I’m his; if not to the world, then to validate his dominance. Flaunting his prize, we twirl about as my dress brushes across my ankles.

I feel so elegant tonight.  A hand caresses my back as the other ever so lightly twists my hair through his fingers. The warmth of his breath on my neck brings about a ripple of desire that’s been long-lost. His lips barely touch my skin as he whispers,“You are beyond beautiful this evening.”

Passion engulfs all senses with the intensity of a violent eruption. Confounded by the torment of this man’s touch and the power he has over me.  I imagine all the ways I can seduce him. Imagining the taste of him, the feel of his body, and the smell of his sex. These thoughts break my concentration and I nearly stumble. However, I don’t falter. He retains control with a curious smirk and watches my expression for the faintest of hint that he’s won this game.

Breaking away from his mischievous gaze, I immediately perceive nearly everything is red; my dress, shoes, the dance floor, curtains, and the walls. All except him. My companion was entirely dressed in black. Odd, since obscurity is usually my doing.

The air is fragrant with a hint of honeysuckle and lilac. Scents that are crafted to spellbound and prime one’s senses for the sweetest of seductions. Especially for someone as beautiful as he. His flaxen hair, spirited golden eyes, and playful lips posing a sincere smile which markes him irresistible. Holding an air of arrogance, he parades me around the room with no effort what-so-ever as we dance the night away.

There are a lot of people here tonight, but no one I’m familiar with. My confidante seems to be acquainted with everyone. Tonight however, he doesn’t pay them any mind. His complete and total focus is solely on me. This exploit alone fashions wicked sensations confounded by emotions forcing me to believe as if we are the only two living soul left on this earth.

Mesmerized by the effects of this wondrous dream, the illusion befalls to an abrupt transformation. We suddenly are now sitting at a table in a café. We are carelessly laughing, but I cannot remember what is so funny. I feel as if we have always known each other and are best of friends. I cannot imagine life without him. There isn’t anything we would hide from one another, no judgement, only acceptance and adoration. We unequivocally love each other consumed by a peaceful bliss.

He sits there attentively listening to every word I ramble on about. What the chattering is in regards to, I do not recall. But there is a lot of laughter and it’s such a lovely warm day with the sky showing off its big white puffy clouds against the most magnificent blue canvas.

Then the alarm rings ending this perfect moment in time that isn’t meant for someone like me. The dream came upon its final conclusion and took with it my sliver of happiness with it. He’s gone and I don’t know how to get him back.


Authentic Veneration





Moments to nurture, kindness within

Of sundry roles, multifarious masks

Temperament of saints, high regards are held

Hailed with words of love, the only true love  

Esteem not to be veiled nor hindered

Revealed pure as light shone from heaven


Mother ~  

Designation of divinity coined from souls and orifices of her creations

The one true hero in a tale of unprincipled scruples, or

The one true evil capable of killing innocents without regards to morality


The meek fashioned as perceived, with the power of God

Only when ill-treated does this power create malevolence

Meant for guidance and signified as the shining light if mislead into secular darkness


Woman ~

Sovereign and dominant with utmost significance,



Prototypical guardian,

…….of life

My Dearest

Incredible wonderous young woman made of beauty beyond comprehension who’s,

Zealous and courageous entering the lion’s den on any given day.

All loving, all caring;

Bound for greatness regardless of the odds pushing against the splendor.

Eloquence graced upon innocence, only to show a dragons heart.

Loved more than any, cherished above all else for nothing except sweet,

Laughter dancing in two toned eyes, the reality of true love;

Always and forever.

Not Of A Finer Day

Such an occasion brings about clusters of guest seated so; they await the nobel for a day, and only this day.

White silk and lace flow like oceans of water falls cascading into oblivion, though not rushed.

Anticipation so thick; to move is to feel quicksand, joyously so for nobility upon peasants bestows only once in a lifetime.

Terrified as the escort leads her to new beginnings;  a new life awaits where hopes and dreams give impulse.

Standing ovation for no reason other than the color of the day itself; beauty beyond imagination captures the attention of the masses.

Adoration from all, knoweth or not; awarded freely, as nobility commands respect.

A moment panic stricken, a brief thought to flee the scene; is sensed and liberated by true love.

Eyes meet and all is well as he quietly whispers,  “you are so beautiful. I love you.”