First love

Loving him, Forever In And Out Of Love. Posters pinned, Leaving walls with Blood on Blood. Silent Night, His beauty made young hearts race. Moment's right, sublimed thoughts so we'd Keep the Faith. Never Say Goodbye, no one else's fame is greater. The perfect guy, he's Got It Going On years later. Make A Memory, … Continue reading First love

Lakeside Cottages

One of Colorado’s best kept secrets Getaway and experience the quiet beauty of the Colorado Rockies here at the Lakeside Cottages. A short fifteen minute drive west of Colorado Springs, the set up is beneath the shadows of Pikes Peak in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. While hiking deep in the pine forest surrounded by wildflowers, … Continue reading Lakeside Cottages

Alone in Death

  Vested in little to nothing keeps all safe while on goes thine eyes,taking all abandoned for nothingness.Care not for no one with a black heart, wonder why callous and cruel with venomous tongue poisons innocents. Silence unveils wickedness portraying beauty, trickster among angels fallen in the dead of the night. No longer matters, words … Continue reading Alone in Death

That’s Not Love

Domestic Violence awareness can mean life or death, and awareness couldn't be more necessary. Domestic violence does not discriminate nor does it care about your social status. Abusers come from all walks of life and from every culture afflicting one out of every four women. With a Jekyll and Hyde mentality, domestic violence abusers are dangerous … Continue reading That’s Not Love

It’s Better to Look Good than to Feel Good

Are you really, really, ridiculously good-looking? For what seems like an eternity, people persist with their obsession about vanity. Era after era; the Hellenistic period in 31 BC, to the Renaissance in the 15th Century, and still today. It's all about the societal definition of what is beautiful and how superficial people really are.  Statistics show that even when the U.S. experienced an economical crises … Continue reading It’s Better to Look Good than to Feel Good