You don't think it's observed, yet noticed it is. Every little finite detail of obscurity is blatantly thrown directly in line of sight. Can one be so unintuitive as you believe? Casting out what's left of the good that once dwelled inside of a peaceful heart. Cut out by a cruel dagger holding no integrity. [...]

Loneliness is not a phase

Sitting there frozen alone longing for something more than a life of detachment. All day everyday surrounded by crowds of people yet feeling hopelessly invisible. Quite lonesome and fearful, thousands of people wither away as weakened social ties have brought the world to its knees rocking back and forth while begging for physical attention. Okay, that's a bit dramatic [...]


Time goes by so quick and yet I'm stranded in a moment of it as if trapped in an eternal loop of despair. Anchored by the past leaving me unable to move forward, so I struggle through each day anticipating its defeat as the hour of darkness casts its shadow upon me. Each evening I'm abandoned [...]