One Word at a Time

I honestly love you, and as such is why sorrow consumes my heart. Eyes once foretold a wondrous life, left only to be forgotten and alone. Hand’s strong as iron shattered the sturdiest of bridges, rubble litters our course. Happily I would have died with you, instead dying by cause of you. To age and … Continue reading One Word at a Time


With tips of fingers gently glide. Satin to touch, euphoric to smell, sweet to taste how I've yearned so. Did you have to go away for so long? Addicted to your elixir, anticipating its fragrant return, Forbidden as ice covers all in this grey dreary world. The word is neutral sheathing all, Void of all … Continue reading Efflorescence

Exposed yet unable to be seen

Heavy laden are my thoughts burdened with contemplation of users and takers Diseased with the haves and the have not’s my reality is poisoned by sheer deathly vapors Ruined by the institution society demanded to seek unfulfilled by lingering desires hidden deep in the shadows Pretender, I am increasingly becoming weak as I'm trapped in a dark pungent … Continue reading Exposed yet unable to be seen