Not Of A Finer Day

Such an occasion brings about clusters of guest seated so; they await the nobel for a day, and only this day.

White silk and lace flow like oceans of water falls cascading into oblivion, though not rushed.

Anticipation so thick; to move is to feel quicksand, joyously so for nobility upon peasants bestows only once in a lifetime.

Terrified as the escort leads her to new beginnings;  a new life awaits where hopes and dreams give impulse.

Standing ovation for no reason other than the color of the day itself; beauty beyond imagination captures the attention of the masses.

Adoration from all, knoweth or not; awarded freely, as nobility commands respect.

A moment panic stricken, a brief thought to flee the scene; is sensed and liberated by true love.

Eyes meet and all is well as he quietly whispers,  “you are so beautiful. I love you.”