Words Buried in Words

      Chime considering ice feels like hell   Heel down the spiral as mice do   Lie after lie carried by he at the helm   Chi winds sound beyond the bounds of a mile   Lime melts abandons me as a leech I evolve into          

A post-coital cuddle?

As foreign as the concept may be, yes the post-coital cuddle does exist. It is an elusive concept especially if your married with children but if you think back long and hard you just may remember a time when it occurred in your relationship. What is a post-coital cuddle? Well, for those of you who've not had the pleasure,  It's when a couple … Continue reading A post-coital cuddle?

Unlike Nothing I Have Heard

The rage is so intense that I dare not move. Hatred saved for him grows with each passing moment and I no longer have the will to contain it. A caged monster is inside me and will no longer be imprisoned. My hands are shaking, and suddenly I am wet from sweat making my hair … Continue reading Unlike Nothing I Have Heard

Carnations and Cloves

The sun is so bright it's virtually blinding, but I welcome it nonetheless. The warmth covers my body with all the comfort I need to on a day like today.  Smiling to myself as the heat bestows a curious pleasure over my body. I feel relaxed and safe.  The air is a thick and smells of carnations and cloves, nearly requiring too much effort to inhale, … Continue reading Carnations and Cloves

My Daughter

I know, as writers, we are not to journalize our thoughts and post to our blog. However, today my mind's preoccupied with my daughter and it has given me writers block. So I figured why not share the happiest moment of my life? After all, writing is what I do and she is all I want to … Continue reading My Daughter