As some have guessed, I’ve been writing, creating presentations, rearranging, and remodeling the website.  Clips have been either added or reorganized, posts are updated, and now working on the layout along with slight changes to the template design. It’s a tiresome task yet, important nonetheless.

You may be happy to know after adding more travel copy, my website traffic more than doubled! Something to seriously consider in the future as I’m working on a piece about my travels to Belize and a cruise to Mexico this winter.

Requests for my services have also increased, adding to the workload but as the title suggests, the busier the better. With the weather soon to be changing, I wouldn’t have it any other way than to be engaged with my work.

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy writing, no matter the topic. I become so engrossed in the research, the subject matter turns into an awesome story. It amazes me when information is analyzed and then evolves into knowledge that can be related for others to learn.

I’ve recently signed on with a freelance platform where I find myself querying for hours. At first, it worried me that I would find the proposals tedious and daunting but that is not at all the case. With every cover letter written specifically for each gig,  the more exciting it is to be committed to the page.

No longer does the curser on the screen intimidate, causing anxious fits of writer’s block.  Happily, I face-off the empty page and begin my descent to another world, some other mindset, or delve elbow deep into research of a topic I know nothing about yet somehow convince my client I’m their go-to person. Without fail, I deliver and though sleep-deprived, I couldn’t be happier.

I want to thank everyone for the support, old and new to my webpage. This is a great online community to mingle with and I hope to be around the blogging world for a long, long time.

Best Wishes,



I Will Write Engaging Posts & Articles


Unique and creative blog posts or articles capturing your voice and tone. You think it, I’ll write it!

  • 8 years of versatile writing experience

  • Business Management degree

  • SEO and Marketing knowledge

  • 7 years WordPress Premium

All packages can be customized to meet your needs. Please note, the terms will be renegotiated based on the scope of the project and additional words are priced per blog posts or per article.

Searching for a longterm partnership? I’m happy to discuss those details after the current project has been completed.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time and don’t forget to tell me about your blog and please be specific. I’m happy to provide a questionnaire upon request. Identify your target market and what you hope to get out of my posts/articles.

To ensure I have accurate information, please include your blog address.

Please email me for packages or visit Fiverr for more details.

I look forward to working with you!




Preceding conduction or lack thereof,

same – same

Passions transpire deficient as derisions are made

A line in the sand,

crossed – always crossed

Like clepsydra’s,

occasion’s accidental loss

Fates appraised by temporal lengths of time

Some of which inundate sincerity with lies,

without diligent refined distillation

Wishes were assumed acceptable pecuniary consolations

An offer

Perhaps confirmation

The line in the sand remains – nonetheless

Absolution perceived by none brimmed with regrets

“If only I had known

If only I endured

Time wouldn’t have been stolen

If time understood”

~ Shell deToni



Dictionary.com  If only can be defined as “I wish that.” If only I had known you were coming, I would have met your plane.” This expression can also be one of wistful regret. “If only we had met 10 years ago.”


Unspoken Lies

DSC02342/Izabella Jagiello


Elation falls lazy I be,


Laze around that entails.


Zeal boy!


Lineal not like zeta that shall elate,


Zany to near boil should the boat float lazily.


The zealot drowned by lien in a thin line,


Eaten by loyal goers in the biz.


Neatly is written the bio forced down nail driven forever,


Bye nothing left alone not for any.


Bile comes, Nay!


A long tail dark as ebony,


Tali broken of course boney it is too much.


Laity exerts as bone converts to oat colored dust,


Written is the byline for truths bent to please.


Unspoken lies run oily not to obey,


Collected like lint going nowhere stored like bytes.


Valid as a lions hunger elevated settling in loins not of nobly men,


Tie ones heart by bony lite imbeciles.


Shackled down on tile dreaming of admired inlets,


Rude reality slams its fist on the table to belay those dreams.


Anger to blaze not in a single lane,


I leant when night is not late.


Yon a tale is sung but not for me,


Beauty possessed is only settled on the Nile.