This Life’s Getting Old

Adamant declarations not to start from beginning to end, simply start Suppose the end is the beginning, contrary to the beginning befalling its deadline Nevertheless, it matters not, as every day commences as it expires dark cold exhausting If there is something, then why feel nothing and if it's aught, then truly everything is lost [...]


Words written before vivacity was acknowledged Connected decades later, too far, too distant Melodies that speak of misfortunes that burdens with your acquaintance A meeting that resides only by imagination, You’re gone.   Intentions of compositions drown senses recorded long ago, There’s no chance of recovery Souls without limitation, yet specifically ceased Departed to soon [...]


  November is the cruelest of months                                                                                                                                     Giving false hopes of knights in shining armor Swearing undying affection and persuasions of happier days as if fate commands the meaning                                                                                                                                                                                            In droves, prayers sent for gratefulness yet forgotten as hastily as released    Greed, gluttony, overkill             ~ Expeditious merriment bequeathed broken casualties from a battle in the cold [...]


Day of delights, responsibilities, and tasks A better way to spend the day, I could not ask Time flies on by, blink of an eye Soon hours have departed as they rest in the past   Laboring befalls my ears down to fingers tips Voice over’s and do-over’s whispers from my lips Some call to [...]


I dare you to grow up Show up Live up to be what she expected you to be   I dare you, be a man The man Her man and realize what matters is her dreams   I dare you to seek help Get help Take help stop spiraling and chase ways to be free [...]