I’m one in a million

Literature Review
Literature Review (Photo credit: Caro Wallis)

With an entire weekend alone, I’m faced with decisions of what to do with myself. Read a good book is one thing on my very long to-do list. So what book do I decide on? I give in to the hype and begin reading one of New York Times best-selling series, Fifty Shades of Grey.

After listening to and reading rave reviews about the series and it’s characters, my interest peaked to the point that there was nothing else I could do but buy the book. So with a fresh made bed, jammies on, and a glass of wine I begin my journey into the world of Grey.

Normally it takes me at most, two days to read a novel cover to cover, probably less with so much alone time. But it’s painstakingly difficult for me to get through this particular E.L. James book. In the middle of the tenth chapter I’m overwhelmed with internal struggles about just how disturbing the story is. I put the down the book and give it away. This act alone, sets me apart from the rest of the world.

Now do not get me wrong, James’ writing is captivating beyond belief, (maybe this contributes to my issues) so it’s not the author, it’s the story I’m struggling with. If I’d known anything about the plot other than what’s printed on the back-cover, I would have never of purchased this book. Yes, it’s affected me that much.

The marketing for this series is awe-inspiring and her writing is beyond anything I hope to aspire. I have read her other books and James is truly one of the greatest romance writers and her advice for new writers is something to take to heart.

With the rest of the weekend ahead of me, I put the book down and bask in the rest of my alone time. Sadly, without James and her Mr. Grey. However,  I do look forward to the next endeavors of provocative romances written by E.L. James.