Unsighted Reverence

Privileged with dominant esteem Flaunts aspirations that are elevated and in spite of everything, merely unmatched by perfection Amid conviction and wonderment Fraudulent exclamations of proclamation to proclaim, indeed! Refusal of such hierarchy for those who prevail expectedly  it's eminent Nonetheless, disappointment is the reward as strategies fall short Those delectable taunts of judgment Deceives … Continue reading Unsighted Reverence

Defensive Weapons

To spat is to spew Walls go up, keep out for that, blood you drew Mouth shouldn't have spout Cold as ice remains Words as weapons, kill Souls never the same Yet death comes not, still Await kindness, not Thoughtless always true the battle is lost Compassion eludes Weapons from spiked tongues Stabbed by deadly … Continue reading Defensive Weapons


  Bury the pain Let no one in Hide it away Believe your sin   Keep to yourself For all its merit No claim for help Fixed to swallow it   Realities of life Can be a shame Apportions your strife Tis the game   Play it well and concede An artificial smile Through eyes … Continue reading DERELICT


Day of delights, responsibilities, and tasks A better way to spend the day, I could not ask Time flies on by, blink of an eye Soon hours have departed as they rest in the past   Laboring befalls my ears down to fingers tips Voice over’s and do-over’s whispers from my lips Some call to … Continue reading EXAGGERATED SUSPECT

For The Wicked Are Weary

To hold thoughts of obligated forced kindness is the greatest of mistakes, for if pleasure is neglected then all is forsaken, obligation or not. Dead and empty is the heart that once overflowed with grace and love now forever frozen by fate. By the light of fire blessed are these eyes and yet still be taken, … Continue reading For The Wicked Are Weary