Ah, Bugs in My Teeth

Years gone by as youth has passed yet not quite done
Fade into no glory as if it would wait
Impassioned as all lost and not a care
No glamour
No respect
Treated like an old friend within realms thought long gone
Speed beyond caring as shadows dance in the dark
Such a display would terrorize most
Not me
Not tonight
Unbound forces grip nearly too tight yet not enough
Sharp corners lay parallel with the earth
Sounds of anticipation escaping my breath
Go faster
Go farther
Pelted over and over, unjust or unlucky?
Not a care though grit is most unpleasant
Gods be thanked for taste not so much
Up root
Up right
Neither here nor there matters with smiles as such
Bugs in my teeth latter will worry
Happiness encompasses elation is here
This time
This night


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