A Faded Dream From Yesterday

Yesterday was only a dream

A reality of today

Though nothing is as it should be

Yesterday was only a dream

Love is of not as it would seem

When your affection fades away

Yesterday was only a dream

A reality of today


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Oh, burdened are the excess of humanities woes

from corner to corner,

foolish cries are caught

their expectations inject most fervently

though otherwise argued facts not prudent to the cause

withheld is my discretion,

away from all the world

never again to believe a word from lying lips that preach too much

from now until eternity,

weary are actions of this cautious mind

I am the fool


Edward J. Goodman. Too Curious. London; Guildford: Bentley & Son, 1888 — Source.

Have I lost myself?

A notable question I’m sure for amelioration is inconceivable

Too curious is a mind that covets without contrition

Perhaps too many desideration’s?

They are more like unshakable ghosts eager to haunt

To save me is to kill me, as fate just contradicts archaic modes

Integrity is in the guise of swift imagination’s making fools for fun

Where am I?

Dissipated behind the curtain, too aware of the eyes of death which is at length

I have lost myself

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            a one-sided observation where notice is taken

                        yet this audience remains unnoticed 

It’s passable, 

            not as if you cannot comprehend

                        – choices made to believe certain irrelevance 

Information simply to meet the standard

Intelligence is irrelevant

            when evolution missed its mark 

The look of a normal person

            with an unaccountable intellect

Not dumb,

            – merely insensible, 

                        as if the intentions of the universe artlessly left it out

Once immovable at a certain age

            entrapment forms an imbecile who is incompetent 

Abandoned –

            surrounded by repugnant narcissism