No Words

Imagine looking at a blank page knowing there should be some form of expression gracing that empty mass, instead your left feeling inadequate. Sitting there glaring at that vacant space you begin to doubt yourself as you think, “So this is it then. I have officially reached the end of my ingenuity.” And then, hopelessly you put down your medium and sigh in defeat as the void shrouds your sanity.

Frustration grabs hold as colossal amounts of information swarm your psyche while urgently attempting to breach the prison your mind has become. The cursor just blinks, over and over driving you to the brink of madness. All the more, it’s stifling the creativeness you posses as the void becomes the death of all that was once obtainable.

Contemplating the end of a brilliant career when suddenly reality hits you like a ton of bricks; it’s not a lack of creativity on your part that besieges you in nothingness.  Lucidity reveals a much simpler answer, the funnel has become clogged with too many words trying to escape all at the same time.

New hope emerges as you tackle this newfound dilemma. Music fills the air with a welcome distraction, curtains are swung open allowing the brilliant sunshine to encase you in its warmth, and a piece of dark chocolate lingers on your palate bringing you great joy as you let go of your pessimistic attitude.

You once again let your fingers to glide over the keypad. Subsequently sweet victory liberates your very essence as beautiful sentences come into view right before your very eyes. Words, words, and more words appear on the screen, leaving not one moment for that cursor to irritably blink at you. 

Pleased with the progress made as the day comes to its untimely end, you stretch while slowly getting up. Sometimes, we creative types need to stop and take a break when overwhelmed. You will accomplish nothing when you’re riddled with anxiety and frustration.

 So next time the writer’s block has you ready to burn your desk to the ground, just unplug for a bit and do whatever it is that you do to relax and unwind.

2 thoughts on “No Words

  1. So many times I’ve been faced with writers block, not for lack of things to write, but with piecing together the words. I’ve learned that sometimes we just have to let go and stop trying to control the words, but as you said, you usually need to be relaxed to do so.

    The way you put words together is wonderful! Thank you for reminding me to unwind.


  2. Writers block is the worst. Nothing is more aggrivating than looking at a blank page. My issue isn’t finding things to write about, it’s that everything wants to come out all at once. Thats when it’s time for me to calm down and relax.


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