Narrations Of Old

  Its ancient history, isn't it? Round and round, a strike or slip If there’s no edification from lessons of bygone,   resolve never is fancied skillfully The inept acquires knowledge to subsist Trudging onward, survival of the fittest Only the strong shall permit assessments at intervals   By right, mediocrity submitting is naught Reap … Continue reading Narrations Of Old

Regret Nothing

It's not possible. The odds are immensely against it and yet here I'm faced with this reality. As I sit here alone, my thoughts search for answers to no avail.  How could this be? Processing the pros and cons, I imagine lists with no rhythm or reason to hierarchy. Acknowledging such an opportunity will never occur … Continue reading Regret Nothing


Three Meridian Student Are Ready to Take on the Future   REACHING FOR THE STARS Three Meridian Student Are Ready to Take on the Future By Michelle Ochsner From kindergarten to high school, Meridian students use this time to develop specific life skills that will set them apart from the conventional. They incorporate personal aptitudes to … Continue reading REACHING FOR THE STARS

No Words

Imagine looking at a blank page knowing there should be some form of expression gracing that empty mass, instead your left feeling inadequate. Sitting there glaring at that vacant space you begin to doubt yourself as you think, “So this is it then. I have officially reached the end of my ingenuity.” And then, hopelessly you put down your … Continue reading No Words