IF ONLY Preceding conduction or lack thereof, same - same Passions transpire deficient as derisions are made A line in the sand, crossed - always crossed Like clepsydra's, occasion's accidental loss Fates appraised by temporal lengths of time Some of which inundate sincerity with lies, without diligent refined distillation Wishes were assumed acceptable pecuniary consolations An … Continue reading THE SADDEST OF ALL

If Everyone Had a Skunk

If everyone had a skunk Would all smell of funk? Or forget that we stunk? Would it carry in the breeze? Or make us all sneeze? If everyone had this pet All would love it I bet! My jest do you get? How could you not? This lingering thought. If everyone had just one Wouldn’t life just … Continue reading If Everyone Had a Skunk

Regret Nothing

It's not possible. The odds are immensely against it and yet here I'm faced with this reality. As I sit here alone, my thoughts search for answers to no avail.  How could this be? Processing the pros and cons, I imagine lists with no rhythm or reason to hierarchy. Acknowledging such an opportunity will never occur … Continue reading Regret Nothing

News From The Moment

My entire approach to writing has evolved.  This entity is suddenly changing and growing. I'm engaging in more groups and find that I immensely enjoy writing prompts. Who knew? I find myself writing poetry all the time now.  The PAD challenges brought out a side of me that I didn't know existed. Although,  I now … Continue reading News From The Moment


Where am I? I don't understand. Is this a dream? Why is that woman singing my name? “Sweet Angeline I loved you much more than poets say in rhyme, waaaakkkke up punkin." "Mom?" The sound of my childlike voice alarmed me to the point of tears. In a futile attempt to assess the situation, I … Continue reading Regression