It’s Better to Look Good than to Feel Good

Are you really, really, ridiculously good-looking? For what seems like an eternity, people persist with their obsession about vanity. Era after era; the Hellenistic period in 31 BC, to the Renaissance in the 15th Century, and still today. It's all about the societal definition of what is beautiful and how superficial people really are.  Statistics show that even when the U.S. experienced an economical crises [...]


Time goes by so quick and yet I'm stranded in a moment of it as if trapped in an eternal loop of despair. Anchored by the past leaving me unable to move forward, so I struggle through each day anticipating its defeat as the hour of darkness casts its shadow upon me. Each evening I'm abandoned [...]


My hand set upon the hardness of him, Feeling the rock like mass under his jeans. Our eyes meet, A smile discovered upon his lips. What he wants is of no consequence, My body has already said yes. Big strong hand grasping mine, Leads us into temptation. His lips are sweet and great, I am lost [...]