Laying awake for no other reason than thoughts of you dancing in my mind.  Restless passing yet no change of season trapped in darkness, loneliness. Blinded by truths too terrible to speak, thus I do not inquire within. Terrified of the one answer I long to overt for eternity; Not good enough for you to [...]


Time goes by so quick and yet I'm stranded in a moment of it as if trapped in an eternal loop of despair. Anchored by the past leaving me unable to move forward, so I struggle through each day anticipating its defeat as the hour of darkness casts its shadow upon me. Each evening I'm abandoned [...]


Brooches decorate though not flatter, Even less than the krone. Tossed away broken no chooser to single me out, Used as beech my heart taken by a rook. Heartbreak comes as no shocker, By those settled up on the knobs. The core of my existence shattered, No hero but in a story book that neither cheers nor saves. Head [...]

No Words

Imagine looking at a blank page knowing there should be some form of expression gracing that empty mass, instead your left feeling inadequate. Sitting there glaring at that vacant space you begin to doubt yourself as you think, “So this is it then. I have officially reached the end of my ingenuity.” And then, hopelessly you put down your [...]