Happy Birthday Baby


Opening her presents

Ten years ago my life underwent dramatic changes that sent me spiraling on unimaginable adventures. It’s hard to conceptualize now, but back then when my sweet girl was born I was terrified of what I was up against. Never wanting children, yet I was about to be responsible for this person who grew inside of me. Now, ten years later, I realize how silly my fears were.

The character she’s today is remarkable. Izabella is turning into a lovely young lady with sparkling eyes that are two toned changing from brown to green around the pupil and a dark grey surrounding the color. Her smile is genuine and lights up her entire face. Her laugh is contagious and one can not help but start in with her. She is a happy child filled with love that touches anyone who she comes across.

The amount of joy I have experienced because of her, takes away every ounce of pain I suffered as I chose to keep her. She is a constant reminder that everyday is a blessing from God and I will cherish my daughter until the day I’m no longer among the living.

She is a person of perfect beauty with a good soul. I pray everyday that she does not lose this part of her as she grows into a woman. I’m plagued with hope that life is good to her, as sometimes it’s unkind.  Every evening before sleep I ask that she makes good decisions and lives a grand life filled with adventure and love.

Happy tenth birthday my daughter!

Bella and Brooke waiting to cut the cake.


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