Head Down

It’s gone.
Whatever intellect advocated has escaped forever,
rightfully so.
Taking down a line of long inconsequential thoughts,
No one really cares in any respect,
No body ever will.
Those who say they do, 
Liars mocking in the way that they can only do,
pretentious as they are.
Why make feeble attempts to convince at all?
Cruelty at its finest,
besting those who entrust wholeheartedly. 
Presuming acceptance and surprised when none is given.
Deception to the core,
expectations above anything that can actually be delivered.
Indulge the fantasy as expected,
for no other reason than to exist.
All that is performed specifically nevertheless.
Living a life without true love,
without appropriate meaning.
For all will eventually be gone,
truly left dissipated.
Abandoned to wallow in despair,
as time ticks away, 
turning into dust.
So be it.

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